Decisions in Nanoose Bay to Homeless in Victoria

We’ll, this has been, by far, my most straining summer so far…

I decided to finally quite a job, that I no longer loved. I sold all my furniture, and moved to Victoria. I moved in with my best friend, her twin sister, and her twins boyfriend, all of us in a very small apartment. I for two weeks I had a terrible time dealing with old roommates and landlords. Then I found an amazing job at L’Occitane, that inspires me daily. I decided to go back to school, and get back to what I am really passionate about. To get past the superficial side of the beauty industry, and into the science, and plant magic of the industry. I was excited and eager to start! Life was looking great, I was so excited for the future.

Then, I got kicked out for the first time… what a punch in the stomach. I didn’t even know what to do. What had I done to warrant this? I was trying so hard, to be cautious, to not step on peoples toes, I gave my rent on time, I did my dishes, cleaned up, and tried to buy my own food so wasn’t eating too much of the communal food. I was really trying to lay low until I could get my own place, or we could get a bigger place. So I did what any girl in her early 20’s would do, and I called my momma. Sobbing I told her what had happened. It was only a couple days until I was suppose to spend the week with her, and the rest of my family in Nanoose Bay, so she calmed me down, and we made plans to conquer the big problems together in 2 days. That night my roommates revoked their “your kicked out” statement, and it was all seemingly resolved. I agreed to some of their demands, but now no longer felt safe or equal in the house. I was the annoy thing talking up space.

Nanoose Bay:


The view from our suit.

Nanoose bay was the perfect escape. My mom, stepdad, and I all sat down together, and talked. We looked at all the aspects of my life, where I was living, how I was feeling, and the chances that I would be able to thrive in my current situation (the chances weren’t good). My mom, and I made lists, did pros/cons, looked at finances, and looked at all my other options. By the end of the week, the best circumstance was that I would stay in Victoria for September, get everything settled, and work for a month, so I could afford the move. I was heartbroken that I would have to leave a job I was loving so much, and worried that me moving would hurt my friend and mine’s relationship. I knew that we both would miss each other, but it was for the best. When I came back from vacation I gave a month notice to work, told my friend, and roommates, and was just hoping the month would go smoothly.

10 days after getting back from Nanoose:

In the morning of the 12th, I new something was up. My friend was acting more cold ,and less friendly. She had acted this way the last time I was kicked out, I was worried, but decided to just let it be, and head off to work. The first shocked happened just before I started work. I got a text from my friend saying that the bed broke, and that only she could sleep on it. That meant I now had to sleep on the floor, her sister didn’t want me sleeping on the couch. I was already put off by how cold and uncaring the text from my friend was. My little space on the bed was now gone, and I would be reduced to sleep on the ground like a dog. I had no escape, since coming back from vacation, I had escaped to the bedroom most days, but that was gone now. I tried to not think about it, and decided to deal with it when I got home. After work I took the longer way home, sat outside, and read, enjoying the evening. I wanted to be fully calmed, and relaxed before going home. Once home I barely had started to eat my supper when my friend suggested we go to “the park”. “The park” is a park close to the house where we’d go to to discuss issues, and where bad news seems to always be told. They left before I was done supper so I followed shortly after. Pretty much as soon as sat down with them, my friends sister turned to me, and said “my boyfriend and I don’t feel comfortable, having you in the house, you’re rude and disrespectful, be gone by the 19th”. Her excuses saying I have been rude, and disrespectful, I feel are untrue. I know when I am being rude, and when I’m not. I was really trying to keep my mouth shut on a lot of things, I was striving to be easy going and invisible. I looked to my friend for support, or comfort or really anything, in return I got a shrug, a “sucks to be you” look, and quite literally she turns her back on me. I all but ran away from them after that. I barely out of ear shot I called my mom (of course). For the first little bit she pretty much just listened to me cry, because she couldn’t understand what I was saying.

After talking to my mom, we both decided that it was best that I not spend another night in that house. It was toxic, and had no space for me anymore. So I went back to the house, packed enough stuff for 2 nights, and left. So here I am on the second night of being homeless, sitting in a hostel, trying to find my next step. I’m not writing this as a woe-is-me, my life is terrible, feel pity for me blog post, or for people to hate the who I’m talking about, but more as a lesson. A lesson that I am currently learning, and wanting to work out for myself. Maybe by having it written down, other people can learn from it too, or at least relate.


The hostel I stayed at, it was nice, I would recommend it if you need a cheap place to stay in Victoria downtown!

Lessons I’ve learned from this experience:

  1. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean they’re the best person for you. Sometimes people are like pineapples, they’re sweet, and delicious, but they make your tongue feel weird. Although pineapples are amazing, they actually have Bromelain in them that breaks down protein. When you’re eating pineapple it’s actually hurting you a little bit at a time. Even knowing that, I still love pineapple, and it’s hard to not want to eat a buckets full of it, in one sitting. I knew the place I was living in was toxic for me, but I still wanted to stay.
  2. Don’t move in friends. (cliché but soooo true)
  3. Don’t feel bad about how a friend is going to react to good news, because if they’re your friend they’re going to support you in your happiness.
  4. A 2 bedroom apartment is NOT big enough for 4 people.
  5. Sometimes, it really is too good, to be true (cheap rent, AND living with your best friend, sound great right! WRONG! see lesson #2)
  6. When living with someone, make sure it’s on equal grounds, it’s never going to work if the other person is always holding stuff over your head, eventually it’s going to fall.
  7. Don’t come between family, you’ll never win.

Now that I’m out of that house, I feel like I can breath. I’ve been more at peace living in the hostel, than I every did living in that apartment. I feel like now that I’ve stepped back, I can see more. I’m currently living in this beautiful city, and have barely explored it yet, I just got a photoshoot published in a magazine, I love my job, I get to go home, and live with my family soon. There is so much good going on in my life, that I couldn’t seeing before, and that’s what I should be focusing on. My amazing brother, mom and stepdad have been helping me to see I am an amazing person, that deserves to be around people that treat me as well as I treat them, that I deserve to be valued and treated fairly. I am smart, passionate, and I have so much more ahead of me, although life is hard right now, I am on my way to something better.


It has been a week since I first wrote this, I am now safe, living temporarily with a family member, and enjoying my last couple days in Victoria. I wanted to sit on this entry for a couple days, and not post it the moment. I wanted to make sure my words are not heated, or put something out I regret later. With anything traumatic it is so easy to just react, but sometimes, the best thing to do is to just sit, and absorb the situation, then you can react in a way that will leave you satisfied.

Spa Services

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to finally be using all my aesthetic knowledge, and will be providing some spa services at my home!

Waxing and Tinting:

Brow $15

Upper Lip $12

Brow and Upper Lip $22

Sideburns $20

Face $30

Full Face (including brow) $40

Brow Tint $12

Brow Wax and Tint $22

Under arm $30

Arm (half) $40


Skin Care

Facials: $50

Skin care Personal Shopping: $30 for how ever long it takes to put together and initial profile of what your looking for.

Shopping with client, or on my own for items to re-create certain look, or what ever the reason is to have need personal shopping $30/hr + cost of product



Manicure $35

Gel Polish $40



Face tune up (brow, and upper lip wax, brow tint, facial) $80

Full tune up (brow, upper lip, under arm wax, brow tint, facial) $115


Contact me at:

(604)376-2775 (text before phoning)

Please include your name, what you are looking for, and potential day you are looking to book. Three weeks notice is ideal for best chances at getting desired time/date, but not always necessary.