New favourite sushi!

2014-10-27 19_Fotor

So sushi is my favourite food, like I could have it everyday, happily, so I’m sure this will be the first of many sushi post. So after a long day of editing, uploading and creating a blog I forgot to eat! So at 7 i built up the energy to go get some sushi. So i got a Tekka Roll (which I had never heard before but it was a yummy tuna roll), a Spicey Salmon roll and my new favourite and the best one of all a B.B.Q Salmon Roll. I know it’s a lot of food but I was so hungry that I could barely making it home before I started scarfing it down. Any ways back to the real issue! THIS ROLL! I had never even thought about trying something will bbq in the name, it just always seemed weird to have american barbeque, mixed with sushi but it’s not like that at all!

2014-10-27 20_FotorSo it has cucumber, creamy avocado, fish eggs on top and a GIANT piece of smoked salmon! Salmon is my favourite type of fish, raw, baked, smoked, canned, candied, by it self or with stuff it’s delicious and  this was no exception. The smoked salmon in this was amazing, and the avocado was so creamy!

The place that I went to is called Samurai Sushi house and they make really big rolls for really cheap so it fit into my budget and I can still feed my sushi obsession. However, although it is cheap it’s not usually my favourite, for most of the rolls I’ve had tried previously they all had so much mayo in them! The Alaska roll, the B.C roll, the SSSR roll all have my beloved salmon but is ruined with the overly mayonnaised imitation crab combo but the three that I got today were delicious! To make my experience even better when I got to the till to pay for my food I realized I was like 75 cents short, and since it’s a cash only place I couldn’t just transfer some fund over, but the lady at the till was so nice and waved the extra cost and gave it to me! How nice was that! I wished I had had extra money to tip her or something but she said I can make up the difference next time I come, so I will definitely have to pay back what I owed plus a little extra for her being so nice.


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