Guide to Sephora: Do’s and Don’t

This will be a continuous list of Do’s and Don’t when shopping or going into a Sephora stores!


  • Sanatize the product before you use it
    •  Mascara and lipgloss have disposable wands that can be found around the store (best place to look is Beauty Studio)
    • The top layer of creams can be wiped off
    • The top layers of Gels, Lipsticks, cream foundations ect. can be taken off by either wiping them with a tissue or cotton puff soaked in alcohol.
    • Sharpen pencils
    • Pen tip liners or highlighter (like the touche éclait) are impossible to fully sanitize but the closest i’ve found it to pretty much soak the tip in alcohol until the ink comes out clean
  • Ask for help (when the person looks available)
  • Be patient!!
  • Come in early if you want a more one on one time (usually the first hour)
  • Experiment and explore on your own (use the technology)



  • Double dip when using the disposable wands
    • Don’t feel bad about using them, help yourself and use as many as you want!
  • Don’t try to do all your shopping (especially if you have lots of questions) 5minutes before the store closes
  • Don’t make your own samples
  • Don’t open the packaging
  • Don’t make your own testers (ask us and we will either find it, create one for you or tell you there’s not enough to create a tester)
  • Don’t interrupt while we’re doing make up or talking with someone else
  • Don’t try to get our help or ask us questions when we’re obviously on our break (if we have our phone, coffee or food in out hands or our jackets on, I’ve even had people come and ask for stuff when I had no make up and wasn’t in my uniform!)

Video’s that talk and go further in depth!

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