Sephora After Hours: Demo with Raquel Grijalva


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This weekend my store has been doing a Nars event. During events we get extra help from reps, and have a goal of how much we’re trying to sell and if we’re lucky a little extra training, and trips and tricks from some of the artist that specialize in the brand. These event are usually a hit or miss I find, sometimes the extra reps are a little annoying and the pressure of selling can be over whelming. However, this time, it was an honour to have a special guest join the nars, team to help out our store. For the three days this weekend we got to observe and talk with Nars National Stylist. It was inspiring just hearing some of the things she’d done. Hand picked by Francoir Nars to do the Marc Jacob show at fashion week, as well as other shows during NYFW, and even doing make up for Kim Kardashian! It was so fun to see her with clients, talking and performing make up magic. To make it even better she was so humble and kind, you would never be able to tell she touched the faces of celebrities!

The best part of the entire weekend (in my opinion) was on the last night where our Senior Artist Day Day (who was also the model for the demo) convinced Raquel to do a little demo, highlighting some of her favourite products.


Raquel working her magic, credit to Kayla for taking the picture and @dayana_funes_ for posting it

She started with clean, moisturized, primed face and went straight into what she called her “red carpet favourites”. She first used South Beach Multiple in an inverted “L”, going down the temple and across the cheek bone giving an amazing glowing highlight. Then on top of that she tapped in Copacabana Illuminator, she also added the illuminator above the eyebrows, down the nose, cupids bow, as well as under the lip/chin. Just those two alone were beautiful and just gave a beautiful glow to the skin! For the foundation she showed two different ways of using their new All Day Luminous Powder Foundation. On one side she applied it with a brush that gave a more sheer coverage great for setting a liquid or cream foundation or if you want a lighter foundation coverage. On the other side she used a damp Beauty Blender and it left us all shocked at how amazing and full coverage it looked with out looking dry. It looked hydrating and flawless, definitely something I want to try out and show my clients!

A tip she told us it since it’s an illuminating powder go a shade up from what ever shade you are in the sheer glow, so if your Stromboli then use Barcelona powder, it will match better!

Now my favourite product from Nars has to be their radiant creamy concealers and now I love them even more after learning her trick on how to use then to also conceal under eye circles! First she put on layer of “honey”, which is a more orangey/peachy colour. She used this to counter act any purpleness under the eyes, she then used a concealer that matched her skin tone and blended it into the foundation.

raq 3

They’re so cute taking selfies credit for photo goes to @dayana_funes_

I learned so much I feel like I can go on forever and this entry is already going of for a long time so I’ll stop here and add on to this talking about the eyes, cheek and lips, so stay tuned soon for that!


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