First day at the gym!

Okay so I did it, I’ve signed up and I’ve had my first personal training session! It was scary but also exciting. It was an hour long session where I got to meet my trainer who I’m so thankful, so far, is amazingly nice, and very encouraging. We talked about why I wanted to join, what I was hoping to get from, what my goals were and how we can work together to achieve them. She was realistic with me, and that’s what I want, not to hear fluff but to hear what needs to be down.

Going into my first session I can tell I am very very unfit, which is okay, it just means I have a long way to go. I can tell she’s a little worried about my hyperextension but so am I but that’s okay. It was very unnerving when I had to do all the measuring, especially when a very attractive trainer came chilled out beside us. We went over everything, weight, fat content, measuring my arms, neck, tummy, waist, thigh and calves. We then did some leg lifts (my least favourite), planks, push ups(I can barely even do those), squats and step up as well as went showed me the elliptical. I had done all the work outs before but it had been so long I felt pathetic by how little I could do, but I know I’ve done more and so I can get back to that point!

I don’t have much more left to say about my first session but I want to keep almost an online journal for myself and my fitness journey, so that’s it for now and more will come!


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