First Blog post of the year on the first day (starting it off right)!

Well I have only 17 minute to write this, and post it, or else I’ll have to change my title. So I don’t really know, or have anything special that I wanted to write about but I felt like I wanted to start my year off right. I have been struggling in many areas of my life, one of them being able to juggle all that I want and need to do. I need to go to work and make money, and clean my house, but what I want to do it make youtube videos, and continue with my blog, and I want to get out there and do new things, I want to explore Vancouver, I’ve lived here for over a year and have done NOTHING!

So i guess this is sort of turning into my new years resolution lol. So here are a couple things I want to work on this year:

– Getting healthy, not only with going to the gym, but also eating healthy, and making sure my body is in top shape, I’m tired of    always hurting!

– I want to continue and dedicate time to my youtube Channel

– I feel like this blog is being neglected and so I want to grow academically

– It’s also time to start networking and do more freelancing and photoshoots!

– I want to explore Vancouver, I need to find like the “Vancouver bucket list” or something cheesey that tourist do and try and  do it ALL!

– I also want to build connections with people and make friends that extend outside of work

Hmm that is all I can think about and I’m running out of time so that it… for now!

I want to hear everyone else’s resolutions, and ideas, on how they are going to succeed this year or even tips on how I can achieve my goals.

*Boo I hit publish just as the clock chimed 12, so close!!*


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