New Arrivals at Sephora January 2015: Smashbox!

Okay new products seem to be springing up daily at sephora so I figured it might be fun to share them with you. I cant give reviews and tell you what I think personally of all of them because I haven’t tried all of them but I can share some first impressions! This list isn’t going to go in any specific order and more just going to be compiled from the order of wish I find them in my store.

The first brand in my store to get new products is Smashbox!


This is Smashbox’s newest primer attached to their already large primer army but I think this might be the only one I might like to wear lol. I find most of Smashbox’s primers to heavy or unimpressive, but this one is interesting. I have tried it a couple times on clients and given myself a quick spray but haven’t been able to see the long term effects of it. I do like the really light mist it gives though!


Here is another product, 2/4 (half way there)! I haven’t tried it on myself or on a client but so far the colours look AMAZING! I must confess I do like the right half since it’s more warm but I’m sure there are many of you that’ll love the cool side on the left. From swatching and the brand training I can tell it’s going to be a fun palette to play with since all the colours are duo intensity. They can be used both wet and dry! So depending on the finish of the shadow it has a different effect, the matte go velvety and deeper, and shimmer turns metallic, amps up vibrancy, adds sparkle, or goes deeper (they give you a nice cheat sheet inside)! Once I play around with it a little more I’ll swatch and give a better review.


Now this one I have tried a couple times and it’s not as inspiring as I thought it would be to be honest. Now I haven’t done a full highlight and contour with them just used the highlight and contour stick separately. The colours are good but as with the powder version I don’t think the light one is light enough for most of the clients I’m using it on and the dark only works so much, I find I have to often go in with a darker colour to get the right definition. I also found it hard really blend it in nicely, they just aren’t as creamy as I would like. When putting it on it felt hard and then it looked blended but when looking in the mirror you could still see the lines, it just wasn’t very smooth or blendable.

s1681410-main-hero-300Honestly I don’t have any opinion on this, it just wasn’t inspiring to me. I can’t remember anything awe worthy they told us during training and even the feeling of it was boring, I’m sure I’ll experiment with it more but for now it just meh.


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