My 21st Birthday

I just had one of the best birthdays I think I’ve had in a long time which is surprising since I was convince it would be the worse the entire week leaving up. I had been feeling quite in the dumps lately, I don’t know if it was because I was on my period, or because I was going to be away from home and missing my family but i was borderline depressed. I had cried almost every day that week, almost breaking down at work, I was an emotional wreck. I find it extremely hard to make friends and am shy and don’t know how to transfer from work friends to friend friends. I had no idea to plan a birthday party for myself so I did the only thing I could thing of, I turned to Facebook and made a Facebook status asking if anyone was interested in seeing a movie.


It seemed to work a couple of people messaged back and then that gave me the energy to go around and start asking the people I wanted to hang out with if they were free. A lot of people said no which was sad but understandable and my fault since I left it to the last moment. I however was able to convince four amazing people to come out and celebrate with me. Jessica, Nasim, Melissa, Lauren and I spent the evening having supper at The Warehouse and then saw Taken 3! I hadn’t seen Taken 2 but it was still a really interesting movie to watch. There was action, drama and explosions, what else could you ask for? I love just doing simple thing with people, hanging out and talking, and sitting and watching movies are ten times better than getting wasted and not remember the evening!

Some other highlights of my birthday were:

-Skyping my mom and step dad and talking to them

– Going to my first yoga class and having my trainer (who was also running the class) get everyone to sing happy birthday for me

-Binge watching Grey’s Anatomy

-Sleeping in

-Eating Cheese cake

All in all I think it was a good day and I hope my next will be just as nice!


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