New Arrivals in Sephora January 15th: Laura Mercier

Out of all the new arrivals in Sephora Laura Mercier’s is some of my favourite, right up there with Estée Lauder’s! She really figured out what was popular and put her own spin on it. Unfortunately, she only released 2 new things but on the plus side both are brilliant! In general I am a HUGE Laura Mercier fan to begin with, so it’s always exciting for me when she comes out with something new.


The Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette is beautiful! So far, I feel it’s the only well done cream contouring kit. Now don’t get me wrong, the Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks are beautiful for contouring but I find it better for more drag or heavier contouring. This one however, is amazing for a really soft, subtle contour. The kind that just frames the face and effortlessly reveals and defines the features. The product blends smoothly and seamlessly into the foundation. I find it works best over top of foundation instead of doing underpainting with it, it blends a little too much and disappears if it’s underneath. I haven’t explored too much with the bronze-y highlight #2 or contour deep #3, primarily because I haven’t done make up on anyone with a deep enough skin tone. I have however played around a lot with contour #1, it was very smart of them to make it double the size of all the other ones. Contour #1 is the most taupe and great as a base/transition colour. I start off with this colour and then usually go in with contour #2 to enhance my contour. I’ve only tried the highlight #1 on myself but it was really nice (I’m just not big into shimmer on the face right now lol). The only down side I found with this palette is that it didn’t have a matte highlight colour, but I almost think it’s better to have a separate highlight because the highlight is more dependent on the skin tone then the contour is. Now I could go on and on about how much I love this product, but I still have another product to talk about before this post is done!


Okay can I just say “Hello pigment!”. These Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colours have high pigment that glide onto the lips. I have only tried these on my lips once but have been using them a lot on my clients and so far they are Beautiful. They are kind of in between a liquid lips stick and a regular lips stick, it has the liquid texture and matte colour but it doesn’t dry down, it stays nice and creamy through out the day. I haven’t noticed an bleeding or windows when applying and so far it’s just been an amazing product, I’m excited to play around with it more.

Well that is all the newness for Laura Mercier, the next brand I’m excited to talk about is Estée Lauder so stay tuned!


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