Sunday Evening Chilling

Today, or should I say this week, has been exhausting! I have slowly been getting over a bit of a cold, I swearing it’s holding on by its finger tips! However along with being sick my skin has also been hating me! So today I am taking the time to relax and pamper myself a little, I worked a full shift, went to the gym and don’t have to work until three tomorrow, so it’s now time to take a load off… sort off. I’ve never really done one of these, “what I’m doing in my spare time” type of blog so I’d love some feedback.

One thing I want to start off with is that I am a very unorganized, messy forgetful person and today when I was taking to take my this picture of tea, it was incredibly difficult to find an angle where you couldn’t see all the clutter!


Regardless, the reason I was taking a picture of my tea was because, as part of my resolution to slow down and relax, I’ve decided to start drinking tea. Now this might sound a little weird, that I had to make a resolution to essentially drink tea, but tea is so good for you and it really does help me to slow down and de-stress. I have always loved tea and used to drink it often but I became too busy for it all of a sudden. I would make tea and then just leave it on the counter. I can’t count how many litres of tea I have wasted so I figured it would be an easy way to help me be accountable, help my memory, make me slow down and also tea can be very healthy for you so that also addresses ‘get fit’ resolution!

I have also been wanting to explore with food and broadening my palette as well as my cooking repertoire, so I bought an eggplant. I’ve eaten eggplant before but I’ve never cooked it before so I thought I’d give it a go.


So I bought a huge one, just because it didn’t seem that big in the market, so I actually cooked it two different ways. The first thing I did was fry it, and it turned out good. I sliced them, dipped them into egg then coated them in a mixture of coconut flour and spice and fried them in coconut oil.

The second way was more to help cook up some ground chicken that was close to being old. So I just cooked up the chicken and threw in the eggplant and some mushrooms and honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but I have it regardless lol.

Well I feel like that is probably a long enough look into my life so adieu for now!


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