Hot Chocolate, AA and CRICKETS?!?!

Well today was quite an interesting and adventurous day for me. If this morning you asked me if I would be spending the afternoon with an amazing new friend, and eating crickets, I would laugh, but it happened and it was fantastic. I started off my day with a session with my trainer, which was really good and helpful and I’ll be sad when it ends. I was able to ask her some questions that I had been curious about, and am getting better at thinking how to work out, and eat healthier once the sessions are over (p.s I’m down lbs. not too much but it’s exciting regardless!).

After the gym my day just got better. I met up with a guy I found on okcupid, and I don’t even know if I’d consider it a first date rather than meeting a new friend. I haven’t been able to just talk, share, and discuss how I feel, so openly with someone but to also have someone challenge what and how I thought about things. It really was a breath of fresh air.


We started our adventure in a cafe called mink which was interesting and beautiful in its own way. It had delicious drinks, as well as savoury chocolate, and the decor was simple, open and pleasant. Even though the place was busy it didn’t feel busy or stuffy, I would definitely recommend it to any coffee or hot chocolate drinkers in Vancouver. However, the most interesting part was that they also served crickets, that’s right, you heard me, C-R-I-K-E-T-S, and the best part is that they were delicious!! I was so surprised, they made me wanting more. I think I pin pointed it to being very similar to the tail of shrimp when cooked on a bbq. I even considered going back and asking for me, I felt like I could easily take then in a little bag and walk around snacking on them, I would 100% recommend anyone everyone to try them, even just to be able to say you’ve done it!

cricket After we enjoyed our crickets and drinks we explored and walked around coal harbour talking, sauntered as we sondered, something I recommend everyone to do with someone. It’s nice to just take a step back, and think about people around you, and try to imagine what they’re thinking, or what has brought them to where they are. I felt like I was being challenged and had my eyes opened. I wanted to learn, and hear more so when he said he had to go to his AA meeting, I, without thinking asked if I could join, which to some might seem strange but for me it felt natural. I had never been to an AA meeting so it was fascinating for me for so many different reason. Although I have never struggled or had a problem with alcohol, I have known and been close to people who have had trouble with not only alcohol but drugs as well, so it was inspiring for me to hear people trust and talk about their struggles. Sometimes I feel alone with my own struggles, and it helped me think that I’m not alone. Everyone has struggles, and even though they might be different what I feel everyone needs is someone to support and listen to you. It really was inspiring, I don’t know how else to describe it. All I can say is that if you feel like you are struggling with drugs, mental disease, alcohol, cancer, living with someone with mental illness or really anything then reach out and find a support group, just talking and listen to other people’s struggles can be so healing.


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