Time to get Nude… Nudestix that is: About the brand

nust 1

Hello everyone, I feel like I haven’t done a beauty post in forever, but I’m here with a new brand to Sephora, that I am beyond excited for, NUDESTIX! Robson location already has a section for the brand but PC only has 2 products so far, but rumour has it, that we’re getting rid of the nail animation stations, then we’ll be getting a whole section dedicated to the brand (as well as some other brands are getting a re-vamp)! So since we’ll be getting more of the products soon, we were lucky enough to get training, and some more knowledge about what the line has to offer.


We were greeted but owners and faces of the company Ally, Taylor and their mom Jenny. I unfortunately missed the first 10mins of them talking, where they properly introduced themselves, I accidentally went to the wrong store (oops!). Regardless the rest of the training was amazing and the girls all so friendly, and Canadian!

Hearing them talk about the brand just makes me more excited to try it out. I am the type of person that cares about the effort and story behind the brand, it’s one of the reasons I love Origins, Amore Pacific, Josie Maran and Bite! The girls went with the simple concept of pencils and ran with it. All of their products come in a pencil/pen style, which makes using them almost second nature. People sometimes get scared or confused when they look at all the different pots, tins and boxes that make up comes in, so it’s almost a sigh of relief when you see it in pencil form, because you know all you have to do is draw on your face. No rules, or guide lines, just fun!


The style behind the company is also right up my alley. They really pay attention to fashion and what on the runway right now which is all about the effortless, natural make up. They focus on ways to easily, and naturally enhance the features of the face, less is always more in their books. All of their products are very blendable and are almost all multipurpose, which I love! They also reccomend to draw the product on then blend with your fingers. I don’t know about other make up artist but I love my brushes, but sometimes, a really good make up just needs a little help from my ten little buddies (my fingers)! I haven’t experimented using brushes with the product but so far they work amazing with my fingers, especially for the soft natural look that the brand loves.

nust 3

Jenny (Ally and Taylor’s mom) is the brains behind the operation, while her girls are her muses. They brainstormed and figured out what they wanted the product to look like and mad scientist mom helped create. Go mom! The company really took time, and resourced where some of the best products were made, so they have all their products made in Germany (who is known for their pencils) and Italy. All of their products are paraben free, cruelty free, talc free, and and almost completely preservative free (their mascara is the only one that has preservatives), witch is all just amazing. Something I also really enjoyed about the brand is that everything is $28 (unless some sort of special promotion), and that they all come in these really cute tins. When I first saw the product in the beauty on the fly, initially was more interested in the tin then the actual product, I know I’m a bit of a weirdo. The reason I was so drawn to the tin was because it was sleek, black, sturdy, and was the perfect size and shape for holding multiple liners. I imagine it will be an excellent way to organize all my lip and eye liner for my kit, while looking sleek and professional!

That’s all for now about the brand, but stay tuned for a video as well as another post talking more about the actual product!

P.s You can follow the brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr!

Bye for now!


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