Sephora Collection: Spring 2015


Okay it has been waaaaay too long since I’ve posted anything on make up, so I am very sorry, but boy do I have some fun new products to tell y’all about! Now, I know Sephora Collection isn’t the most popular or glamorous brand out there. They have (in my opinion) been notorious for releasing ugly, cheap, childish looking products, that never seem to hit the mark, but that has changed!

Recently Sephora has come out with a bunch of new products like brushes, blushes, bronzers, lip gloss, brow wax, a Craig & Karl collection, shadow sticks, and their lashes are back!!! Okay, now I haven’t had the opportunity to wear, or swatch all the new colours, but I have definitely had fun playing with them so far! The ones I have yet to try out, so I won’t talk too much about them in this post, since they’re newer and I haven’t played with them as much (and this post would just be painfully long), are the shadow sticks, brow wax, glosses, and brushes (since we don’t have them all yet)!


Okay so I am in love with the new blushes! The pigmentation is amazing, and the colours perfect! I feel like they are very comparable to Nars blushes, except a little harder packed, and almost more solid of a colour. Even just swatching a Nars blush and a Sephora blush and you can see the difference in pigmentation. The application is just as beautiful. I feel like with Nars I’m always worried I’m going to put too much on but with Sephora collection blushes, because they are so firmly packed I find you pretty much get the perfect amount of colour on your brush for a flawless flush everytime. My only complaint is that they took out some of my favourite shades from the old collection, primarily ‘Rose Glow’, so if Sephora could bring that back, that would be greeeat. With the update unfortunately not only have the old powder blushes been taken off the shelves, but so have the cream blushes which is a shame since I love a nice cream blush.

Some hero shades to check out are: 02-So Shy (in the picture above), 05-Sweet On You, 13-Hot Flush, 14- Over the Moon, and 17-Hey Jealous


The bronzers I haven’t played with too, too much, but I have swatched them and am in love with. Well, all of them except ‘Anguilla’, for me it’s not a bronzer shade so it confuses me why it’s in the bronzer section. It’s a light beige matte colour that even on a really really fair person it wouldn’t look like a tan*. Now I haven’t tried it on anyone so I guess I shouldn’t judge too hard, but I will let you know if my opinion changes. At my location we are still missing two of the shades, but the other four (well four minus Anguilla, the colours we do have are number 0,2,4,and 7) are beautiful. They aren’t too oranges and have a moderate level of shimmer, not so much that it could be confused with a highlighter but not completely matte, just a glorious goddess glow!

*Okay I have to take back my earlier statement a little bit, I still don’t really consider it a “bronzer” but it does add a little bit of warm to the skin of some one very fair (like Nars Siberia fair). I used it on a client today when doing a Kim K contour that was almost white fair and it was a nice transition colour from the dark contour colour and the highlight colour.


Honestly I had no idea who Craig & Karl are (and am still learning), but from my small amount of research I’ve discovered they are two quirky designers, one based in New York and the other in London. For me I think having a designer inspired collection for Sephora is a big deal. There are tons of brands like MAC, Nars, and Marc Jacob that are very prominent in the fashion world and Sephora is slowly trying to get there, so I feel this is a great step in the right direction. In the actual collection I feel it was on the verge of being amazing. The hero or best products in the collection, in my opinion, are the liners, and lipsticks. Sephora is slowly getting on the liquid liner band wagon and came up with a set of six fantastic liners. They really chose great colours, especially the white, everyone seems to be on the hunt for the perfect white liner! The pigment is great and application smooth! The lipstick’s formula isn’t anything different from their Colour Lip Last lipsticks but the colours they chose are beautiful, such rich, bright, verging on classic colours, perfect for anyone’s collection!

s1504836-main-hero-300 s1504869-main-hero-300

Okay, I’m not going to talk too much about the lashes but can I just say how excited I am that they are back!? I love their lashes, they are easy to apply, last a long time, and have a variety of different styles. The only sad part is they are still missing my favourite set which were the Flirt-it Lash duo. They were these little demi lashes that had three sets in a box but where still 12.50. They just were just perfect for people that didn’t want it to be obvious they were wearing lashes or they had really curly/hard to manage lashes.

Some hero styles to check out are: Celebrity (picture of lashes on the right), Mink (picture of lashes on left), Irresistable, and Mainstay

P.s For all those that had heard and were worried about the glue that was used, they no longer have glue in the back and use a different glue to attach them to the packaging!


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