New Products to Check Out!


Hourglass has done it again and it is beautiful. Hourglass’s new Ambient bronzers are beautiful, and even if you’re poor as fudge, and can’t afford to dole out $60 then at least get someone to try it out. DON’T JUST SWATCH IT, swatching it is pretty, but misleading (I thought at least). It looks super sparkley and shimmer when swached but when brushed on it gives just a subtle shimmer and beautiful glow! So yea, you have to try it out!


So the new packaging for Urban Decay’s Primer Potion has been release, and in store, and I know a couple people have been talking about it, so I figured I’d also touch base on it. Now I know one thing a lot of people have been concerned with or talking about is that since the new doe-foot applicator is bent a little, some people were concerned it was going to break easily.  I personally don’t think that should be that big of an issue. Yes, it is a little weaker then most applicators but I don’t think you should be a) pushing hard enough on your eye’s to break it or b) being rough enough with your make up to shove it into the hole hard enough to snap it either. The one sad thing that I was a little disappointed with, was that they changed the colour of sin. It’s now a more of an orangey/peachy shimmer colour, and I personally really like the original pink/champange colour. So I’m glad I bought it before they replaced it, but sucks they replaced it.


Kat Von D’s Ink Liner line has been extended! Personally I have been a fan more of the Ink liner (felt tip) opposed to the original (bristle tip), so I am super excited for all the new colours. The pigmentation is amazing and they glide on beautifully! I compared them to the Stila liners and some (most) of the colours are identical versions, except the pigmentation is so much better for the Kat Von D liners. Which makes me super happy since I prefer the tip of Kat Von D over Stila’s. So I have only swatched the new colours but am super excited about them!


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