Moving, cutting my hair, and failing at all things social media

Oh, would you look at that, I had another mini hiatus… I feel like I’m better at saying I’m a blogger/youtuber then I am actually being one lol. Now, I sort of have an excuse for being away for so long, I MOVED! I still live in Greater Vancouver, but just in a different area. I also got a roommate, which has been so much fun, and weird getting used to again, but I’m happier. It’s much nicer coming home to someone then an empty apartment!

Here’s a quick clip of my place when I first got there, and was still moving and arranging everything.

So, it’s definitely been a transition, getting used to the roomie, and trying to figure out where everything goes, but it’s also been so fun. I’ve also been quite preoccupied with having my dad move to Vancouver, and help him get settled. It’s so nice to have family closer. I never noticed how much I missed my family until I realized how much happier and relieved was to have him in town. I still miss my momma and the rest of my family but what can you do when your trying to chase you dreams.

11057267_10152841465660882_7729736277280287191_n (1)In other exciting news, I cut my hair! This is the shortest I’ve had my hair since I was probably in middle school, or just entering high school. It feels so light, and healthy, and thick! I’m still playing around with ideas for dying it, maybe a balayage caramel, or grey at the ends, or maybe like a deep purple, I don’t know yet, but would love some feedback and ideas! For now though, I’m going to enjoy it being short and healthy. I’m so obsessed and happy with the length, I might even keep it like this for a while, and not grow it out. It’s easier to style, has a thicker feeling, and doesn’t get caught in things.

The only thing that I’m struggling with is that it’s so healthy all my hair care products were all meant for damaged hair that now my hair get’s shiney (and not in the good way) so fast!

So, those are the main things that are new with me, sorry for the long break… I’m going to try, like usual, to make my post more frequent, so fingers crossed, talk to you soon!


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