How to book, and what I charge

Hello, and let me start off by saying thank you, for being interested in booking your make up with me. Below is some information on where to contact me, as well as what I charge per session.

Event Make Up $75/hour

Drag or Gender Altering Make Up $95/hour

Mini Facial $15

False Lashes are an additional charge and varies depending on preferred style or brand.

Lessons with your own make up $60/1hr

Lessons with my make up or combo of yours and mine $100/1.5

Personal shopping consultation $30 for how ever long it takes to put together and initial profile of what your looking for.

Shopping with client, or on my own for items to re-create certain look, bulk up current collection, or for whatever the reason you have for wanting a personal shopper $30/hr + cost of product

Bridal Trial/Consultation $75

Engagement Photo’s $100 (will stay with during photo’s for touch ups if needed)

Wedding Day

Bride $120

Mother of Bride $60

Bridesmaid $70


No charge for anything done at my own home.

Charge varies depending on location, for anything away from my home.

Creative or editorial photoshoots are based on material needed, length of shoot, and make up changes, inquire below for more detail.

Contact me at:


Please include your name, what you are looking for, and potential day you are looking to book. Three weeks notice is ideal for best chances at getting desired time/date, but not always necessary.


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