Event Make Up Breakdown

What to expect when booking an event make up with me. Before I arrive, we’ll do a consultation over the phone or via text/e-mail, where we’ll discuss, the style of make up you want, skin type, allergies, time limitations, and location.

On the day of we’ll reconfirm the look and start the skin prep. For every make up I do, I’ll do a basic skin preparations (toner, serum, moisturizer, under eye moisturizer). I do also give the option of a more intense skin prep (exfoliate/mask, cleanse, toner, emulsion, serum/oil, moisturize, under eye).

Once skin is ready then we’ll start on make up, and I’ll do a full face (foundation, eyes, lips, brows, contour/blush/bronze), all specialized to the look you want to achieve. Then the exchange of money, currently I only except cash, or e-transfer if sent and received before I leave.

If you have questions about products I’ve used that day, then I can do a print off/e-mail of all, or some of the products. If you want a more details list of what products you should be buying, to re-create the look, then we can set up a time for a personal shopping consultation.


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