Fall Look Book: Make Up


This fall it’s all about ninety’s grunge! Now what that looks like? For the eyes that means, soft smokey, or just defined shadow, with winged liner that’s more straight, opposed to the usual cat liner. For the face, it’s a much softer contour then what we’ve been seeing in the past, but their is still is some definition, and don’t forget the highlight! The best part about bringing back the 90’s, is the BROWN LIP!! I’m obsessed, and pretty much suggest it for everyone, so if you haven’t tried it out yet, then do it!


If your not down for the 90’s grunge, then go with a soft bronze eye. Let your skin glow from with in, but skip strobeing, and instead put the shine on your. Using warmer tones around your eyes, soften them, and give a more romantic touch. Use bronzer to give some soft definition, and finish the look with a soft brown/rosey lip. Everyone can wear this look, and is the easiest to recreate for people that might not be as skilled with the liquid liner.

Photographer: Sylvia Nguyen

HMUA/Stylist: Me

Models Dorthy Yeung (top), Rryla McIntosh (bottom)


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