New Products to Check Out!


Hourglass has done it again and it is beautiful. Hourglass’s new Ambient bronzers are beautiful, and even if you’re poor as fudge, and can’t afford to dole out $60 then at least get someone to try it out. DON’T JUST SWATCH IT, swatching it is pretty, but misleading (I thought at least). It looks super sparkley and shimmer when swached but when brushed on it gives just a subtle shimmer and beautiful glow! So yea, you have to try it out!


So the new packaging for Urban Decay’s Primer Potion has been release, and in store, and I know a couple people have been talking about it, so I figured I’d also touch base on it. Now I know one thing a lot of people have been concerned with or talking about is that since the new doe-foot applicator is bent a little, some people were concerned it was going to break easily.  I personally don’t think that should be that big of an issue. Yes, it is a little weaker then most applicators but I don’t think you should be a) pushing hard enough on your eye’s to break it or b) being rough enough with your make up to shove it into the hole hard enough to snap it either. The one sad thing that I was a little disappointed with, was that they changed the colour of sin. It’s now a more of an orangey/peachy shimmer colour, and I personally really like the original pink/champange colour. So I’m glad I bought it before they replaced it, but sucks they replaced it.


Kat Von D’s Ink Liner line has been extended! Personally I have been a fan more of the Ink liner (felt tip) opposed to the original (bristle tip), so I am super excited for all the new colours. The pigmentation is amazing and they glide on beautifully! I compared them to the Stila liners and some (most) of the colours are identical versions, except the pigmentation is so much better for the Kat Von D liners. Which makes me super happy since I prefer the tip of Kat Von D over Stila’s. So I have only swatched the new colours but am super excited about them!


Focus: Mascara Review- Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes, Chanel Inimitable Intense, Covergirl Lash Blast, and Benefit Bad Gal

To go along with my new review series I’m doing, I’m also going to be “featured” or “focus” post. So it might be talking about products from just one brand like Tarte or Nars, or a focus like mascara or foundation. So yea, this one will be all about mascara, I’m going to try and limit them to 3 or 4, so they’re not obnoxiously long!


First up is Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lash. I hadn’t tried this in a long time, so I’ve been retrying it, to just double check what I thought then still applies. So first pro is that it does lengthen and volumizes my lashes, and it doesn’t transfer too much (does a little still). Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I had remembered it, and I think I would recommend it, I won’t personally repurchase it but I can see how some people would like it. I did find it clumped and had chunks almost in it, which is never appreciated, and it had a scent, which I don’t really like in my mascara. Generally it lasted alright, I did find it deflated a little, If you have straighter lashes or problems with keeping a curl I wouldn’t recommend it.


So, this is another mascara I have had for way too long but still feel deserves a review because I loved it, it’s Chanel’s Inimitable Intense! What I look for in a mascara is length, a little bit of volume, and definition and this give me all of that and barely transfers! I don’t think I had anything that I didn’t like about this or at least that I can remember. I don’t think it is amazing for curl but worked fine for my lashes, and I would definitely repurchase and recommend.


So for me this is an old school fave for me. Covergirl Lash blast and Luxe (the purple one) were my favourite drug store mascara all thru high school, and I don’t even know how many times I have repurchased these, but I love them. I usually bought the Lash Blast in brown and the Luxe in black, I don’t know why but I found like each of those formulas just worked better for me. I found it really gave me the length and definition that I look for and it was good for not transferring on me. Also no scent really which is always appreciated. Definitely would/have repurchased and do recommend!


Benefits BADgal Lash is probably one of the more volumizing mascara’s that I’ve tried out, and it was okay. It does still give some definition, and length, but it’s main thing was volume. I remember that I did like this mascara and do often recommend it to clients, I haven’t repurchased it and don’t think I will, not that it’s bad, or anything, but just wasn’t wow, does that make sense? I would buy covergirl over it if that helps. Yea, so it was meh, if you are looking for higher end and just want a general mascara with a little bit of volume then this one is great but if you care a little bit more or don’t care if it’s high end then try something else!

Here’s a video where I show and talk about some of these products!

Review: Tarte CC Eye Primer, Lancôme Artliner,and Nars Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner

I’ve decided to start an ongoing inventory of products I’ve used, with mini reviews of each of them. Not all of them will be new products or fun releases but it will be my personal opinion of products that are still on the shelves when I write the review. Each post will have a couple products in them, but they will all focus on one area of the face. This is not only for you guys but also I think I fun way to help me organize all the products I’ve tried!


So I had this in my make up drawer for months now, this is Tarte’s CC Eye Primer, and have finally decided to try it out for the last month. I’m torn on how I feel about this product. On the one hand, the colour is really nice and does help to even the lid, and I even use it under my eyes to help with the little bit of darkness there. It’s super creamy and glides on easily and blends beautifully. However, the down sides are that it’s too creamy, it never fully sets so it causes the same problem putting concealers on your lids does, it creases. Half way thru the day I find the shadow starts to get a little muddy and the crease line starts appearing. So I will continue to use and enjoy the product, but wouldn’t trust it on a make up I want to be perfect all day, and will not repurchase.


Second up is Lancôme’s Artliner. Now to start off, I am not a fan of liquid dip type liners, so my opinion might be a little bias, but I am trying to be open-minded. Okay lets start with my pro’s, I found that it dried fast, wasn’t too difficult to get a nice wing, was generally pretty thin and not too much product was on the brush when dipping it. Okay, and now for my issues with the liner. Well first off you have to keep dipping it to get more product, but it’s not just that you have to dip it but that you also have to screw it on and shake it sometimes to get more product. I also find the pigmentation a little patchy and watery. When applying I also find I have to go over the same place a couple times to get a really nice opaque look and even then its not ideal. I does last quite a while, but regardless I will not be repurchasing.


Okay, well, I have been a negative Nancy so far, so here is a product that I love, and will definitely be repurchasing! This is Nars’s Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner. Although I find that my eyes water, and transfer a lot I don’t find it transfer or smudge even though this isn’t a waterproof formula. It isn’t too creamy but can smudge, and it’s not so hard that it tugs at the eye, it glides quite nicely. I wouldn’t consider it a heavy duty long last, swim in the ocean, and come out looking fab type of liner but it’s great for everyday use. It also comes off easily but last the entire day. All in all a very nice everyday liner!

Sephora Collection: Spring 2015


Okay it has been waaaaay too long since I’ve posted anything on make up, so I am very sorry, but boy do I have some fun new products to tell y’all about! Now, I know Sephora Collection isn’t the most popular or glamorous brand out there. They have (in my opinion) been notorious for releasing ugly, cheap, childish looking products, that never seem to hit the mark, but that has changed!

Recently Sephora has come out with a bunch of new products like brushes, blushes, bronzers, lip gloss, brow wax, a Craig & Karl collection, shadow sticks, and their lashes are back!!! Okay, now I haven’t had the opportunity to wear, or swatch all the new colours, but I have definitely had fun playing with them so far! The ones I have yet to try out, so I won’t talk too much about them in this post, since they’re newer and I haven’t played with them as much (and this post would just be painfully long), are the shadow sticks, brow wax, glosses, and brushes (since we don’t have them all yet)!


Okay so I am in love with the new blushes! The pigmentation is amazing, and the colours perfect! I feel like they are very comparable to Nars blushes, except a little harder packed, and almost more solid of a colour. Even just swatching a Nars blush and a Sephora blush and you can see the difference in pigmentation. The application is just as beautiful. I feel like with Nars I’m always worried I’m going to put too much on but with Sephora collection blushes, because they are so firmly packed I find you pretty much get the perfect amount of colour on your brush for a flawless flush everytime. My only complaint is that they took out some of my favourite shades from the old collection, primarily ‘Rose Glow’, so if Sephora could bring that back, that would be greeeat. With the update unfortunately not only have the old powder blushes been taken off the shelves, but so have the cream blushes which is a shame since I love a nice cream blush.

Some hero shades to check out are: 02-So Shy (in the picture above), 05-Sweet On You, 13-Hot Flush, 14- Over the Moon, and 17-Hey Jealous


The bronzers I haven’t played with too, too much, but I have swatched them and am in love with. Well, all of them except ‘Anguilla’, for me it’s not a bronzer shade so it confuses me why it’s in the bronzer section. It’s a light beige matte colour that even on a really really fair person it wouldn’t look like a tan*. Now I haven’t tried it on anyone so I guess I shouldn’t judge too hard, but I will let you know if my opinion changes. At my location we are still missing two of the shades, but the other four (well four minus Anguilla, the colours we do have are number 0,2,4,and 7) are beautiful. They aren’t too oranges and have a moderate level of shimmer, not so much that it could be confused with a highlighter but not completely matte, just a glorious goddess glow!

*Okay I have to take back my earlier statement a little bit, I still don’t really consider it a “bronzer” but it does add a little bit of warm to the skin of some one very fair (like Nars Siberia fair). I used it on a client today when doing a Kim K contour that was almost white fair and it was a nice transition colour from the dark contour colour and the highlight colour.


Honestly I had no idea who Craig & Karl are (and am still learning), but from my small amount of research I’ve discovered they are two quirky designers, one based in New York and the other in London. For me I think having a designer inspired collection for Sephora is a big deal. There are tons of brands like MAC, Nars, and Marc Jacob that are very prominent in the fashion world and Sephora is slowly trying to get there, so I feel this is a great step in the right direction. In the actual collection I feel it was on the verge of being amazing. The hero or best products in the collection, in my opinion, are the liners, and lipsticks. Sephora is slowly getting on the liquid liner band wagon and came up with a set of six fantastic liners. They really chose great colours, especially the white, everyone seems to be on the hunt for the perfect white liner! The pigment is great and application smooth! The lipstick’s formula isn’t anything different from their Colour Lip Last lipsticks but the colours they chose are beautiful, such rich, bright, verging on classic colours, perfect for anyone’s collection!

s1504836-main-hero-300 s1504869-main-hero-300

Okay, I’m not going to talk too much about the lashes but can I just say how excited I am that they are back!? I love their lashes, they are easy to apply, last a long time, and have a variety of different styles. The only sad part is they are still missing my favourite set which were the Flirt-it Lash duo. They were these little demi lashes that had three sets in a box but where still 12.50. They just were just perfect for people that didn’t want it to be obvious they were wearing lashes or they had really curly/hard to manage lashes.

Some hero styles to check out are: Celebrity (picture of lashes on the right), Mink (picture of lashes on left), Irresistable, and Mainstay

P.s For all those that had heard and were worried about the glue that was used, they no longer have glue in the back and use a different glue to attach them to the packaging!

Time to get Nude… Nudestix that is: About the brand

nust 1

Hello everyone, I feel like I haven’t done a beauty post in forever, but I’m here with a new brand to Sephora, that I am beyond excited for, NUDESTIX! Robson location already has a section for the brand but PC only has 2 products so far, but rumour has it, that we’re getting rid of the nail animation stations, then we’ll be getting a whole section dedicated to the brand (as well as some other brands are getting a re-vamp)! So since we’ll be getting more of the products soon, we were lucky enough to get training, and some more knowledge about what the line has to offer.


We were greeted but owners and faces of the company Ally, Taylor and their mom Jenny. I unfortunately missed the first 10mins of them talking, where they properly introduced themselves, I accidentally went to the wrong store (oops!). Regardless the rest of the training was amazing and the girls all so friendly, and Canadian!

Hearing them talk about the brand just makes me more excited to try it out. I am the type of person that cares about the effort and story behind the brand, it’s one of the reasons I love Origins, Amore Pacific, Josie Maran and Bite! The girls went with the simple concept of pencils and ran with it. All of their products come in a pencil/pen style, which makes using them almost second nature. People sometimes get scared or confused when they look at all the different pots, tins and boxes that make up comes in, so it’s almost a sigh of relief when you see it in pencil form, because you know all you have to do is draw on your face. No rules, or guide lines, just fun!


The style behind the company is also right up my alley. They really pay attention to fashion and what on the runway right now which is all about the effortless, natural make up. They focus on ways to easily, and naturally enhance the features of the face, less is always more in their books. All of their products are very blendable and are almost all multipurpose, which I love! They also reccomend to draw the product on then blend with your fingers. I don’t know about other make up artist but I love my brushes, but sometimes, a really good make up just needs a little help from my ten little buddies (my fingers)! I haven’t experimented using brushes with the product but so far they work amazing with my fingers, especially for the soft natural look that the brand loves.

nust 3

Jenny (Ally and Taylor’s mom) is the brains behind the operation, while her girls are her muses. They brainstormed and figured out what they wanted the product to look like and mad scientist mom helped create. Go mom! The company really took time, and resourced where some of the best products were made, so they have all their products made in Germany (who is known for their pencils) and Italy. All of their products are paraben free, cruelty free, talc free, and and almost completely preservative free (their mascara is the only one that has preservatives), witch is all just amazing. Something I also really enjoyed about the brand is that everything is $28 (unless some sort of special promotion), and that they all come in these really cute tins. When I first saw the product in the beauty on the fly, initially was more interested in the tin then the actual product, I know I’m a bit of a weirdo. The reason I was so drawn to the tin was because it was sleek, black, sturdy, and was the perfect size and shape for holding multiple liners. I imagine it will be an excellent way to organize all my lip and eye liner for my kit, while looking sleek and professional!

That’s all for now about the brand, but stay tuned for a video as well as another post talking more about the actual product!

P.s You can follow the brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr!

Bye for now!

New Arrivals in Sephora January 15th: Laura Mercier

Out of all the new arrivals in Sephora Laura Mercier’s is some of my favourite, right up there with Estée Lauder’s! She really figured out what was popular and put her own spin on it. Unfortunately, she only released 2 new things but on the plus side both are brilliant! In general I am a HUGE Laura Mercier fan to begin with, so it’s always exciting for me when she comes out with something new.


The Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette is beautiful! So far, I feel it’s the only well done cream contouring kit. Now don’t get me wrong, the Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks are beautiful for contouring but I find it better for more drag or heavier contouring. This one however, is amazing for a really soft, subtle contour. The kind that just frames the face and effortlessly reveals and defines the features. The product blends smoothly and seamlessly into the foundation. I find it works best over top of foundation instead of doing underpainting with it, it blends a little too much and disappears if it’s underneath. I haven’t explored too much with the bronze-y highlight #2 or contour deep #3, primarily because I haven’t done make up on anyone with a deep enough skin tone. I have however played around a lot with contour #1, it was very smart of them to make it double the size of all the other ones. Contour #1 is the most taupe and great as a base/transition colour. I start off with this colour and then usually go in with contour #2 to enhance my contour. I’ve only tried the highlight #1 on myself but it was really nice (I’m just not big into shimmer on the face right now lol). The only down side I found with this palette is that it didn’t have a matte highlight colour, but I almost think it’s better to have a separate highlight because the highlight is more dependent on the skin tone then the contour is. Now I could go on and on about how much I love this product, but I still have another product to talk about before this post is done!


Okay can I just say “Hello pigment!”. These Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colours have high pigment that glide onto the lips. I have only tried these on my lips once but have been using them a lot on my clients and so far they are Beautiful. They are kind of in between a liquid lips stick and a regular lips stick, it has the liquid texture and matte colour but it doesn’t dry down, it stays nice and creamy through out the day. I haven’t noticed an bleeding or windows when applying and so far it’s just been an amazing product, I’m excited to play around with it more.

Well that is all the newness for Laura Mercier, the next brand I’m excited to talk about is Estée Lauder so stay tuned!

New Arrivals at Sephora January 2015: Smashbox!

Okay new products seem to be springing up daily at sephora so I figured it might be fun to share them with you. I cant give reviews and tell you what I think personally of all of them because I haven’t tried all of them but I can share some first impressions! This list isn’t going to go in any specific order and more just going to be compiled from the order of wish I find them in my store.

The first brand in my store to get new products is Smashbox!


This is Smashbox’s newest primer attached to their already large primer army but I think this might be the only one I might like to wear lol. I find most of Smashbox’s primers to heavy or unimpressive, but this one is interesting. I have tried it a couple times on clients and given myself a quick spray but haven’t been able to see the long term effects of it. I do like the really light mist it gives though!


Here is another product, 2/4 (half way there)! I haven’t tried it on myself or on a client but so far the colours look AMAZING! I must confess I do like the right half since it’s more warm but I’m sure there are many of you that’ll love the cool side on the left. From swatching and the brand training I can tell it’s going to be a fun palette to play with since all the colours are duo intensity. They can be used both wet and dry! So depending on the finish of the shadow it has a different effect, the matte go velvety and deeper, and shimmer turns metallic, amps up vibrancy, adds sparkle, or goes deeper (they give you a nice cheat sheet inside)! Once I play around with it a little more I’ll swatch and give a better review.


Now this one I have tried a couple times and it’s not as inspiring as I thought it would be to be honest. Now I haven’t done a full highlight and contour with them just used the highlight and contour stick separately. The colours are good but as with the powder version I don’t think the light one is light enough for most of the clients I’m using it on and the dark only works so much, I find I have to often go in with a darker colour to get the right definition. I also found it hard really blend it in nicely, they just aren’t as creamy as I would like. When putting it on it felt hard and then it looked blended but when looking in the mirror you could still see the lines, it just wasn’t very smooth or blendable.

s1681410-main-hero-300Honestly I don’t have any opinion on this, it just wasn’t inspiring to me. I can’t remember anything awe worthy they told us during training and even the feeling of it was boring, I’m sure I’ll experiment with it more but for now it just meh.

Sephora After Hours: Demo with Raquel Grijalva


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This weekend my store has been doing a Nars event. During events we get extra help from reps, and have a goal of how much we’re trying to sell and if we’re lucky a little extra training, and trips and tricks from some of the artist that specialize in the brand. These event are usually a hit or miss I find, sometimes the extra reps are a little annoying and the pressure of selling can be over whelming. However, this time, it was an honour to have a special guest join the nars, team to help out our store. For the three days this weekend we got to observe and talk with Nars National Stylist. It was inspiring just hearing some of the things she’d done. Hand picked by Francoir Nars to do the Marc Jacob show at fashion week, as well as other shows during NYFW, and even doing make up for Kim Kardashian! It was so fun to see her with clients, talking and performing make up magic. To make it even better she was so humble and kind, you would never be able to tell she touched the faces of celebrities!

The best part of the entire weekend (in my opinion) was on the last night where our Senior Artist Day Day (who was also the model for the demo) convinced Raquel to do a little demo, highlighting some of her favourite products.


Raquel working her magic, credit to Kayla for taking the picture and @dayana_funes_ for posting it

She started with clean, moisturized, primed face and went straight into what she called her “red carpet favourites”. She first used South Beach Multiple in an inverted “L”, going down the temple and across the cheek bone giving an amazing glowing highlight. Then on top of that she tapped in Copacabana Illuminator, she also added the illuminator above the eyebrows, down the nose, cupids bow, as well as under the lip/chin. Just those two alone were beautiful and just gave a beautiful glow to the skin! For the foundation she showed two different ways of using their new All Day Luminous Powder Foundation. On one side she applied it with a brush that gave a more sheer coverage great for setting a liquid or cream foundation or if you want a lighter foundation coverage. On the other side she used a damp Beauty Blender and it left us all shocked at how amazing and full coverage it looked with out looking dry. It looked hydrating and flawless, definitely something I want to try out and show my clients!

A tip she told us it since it’s an illuminating powder go a shade up from what ever shade you are in the sheer glow, so if your Stromboli then use Barcelona powder, it will match better!

Now my favourite product from Nars has to be their radiant creamy concealers and now I love them even more after learning her trick on how to use then to also conceal under eye circles! First she put on layer of “honey”, which is a more orangey/peachy colour. She used this to counter act any purpleness under the eyes, she then used a concealer that matched her skin tone and blended it into the foundation.

raq 3

They’re so cute taking selfies credit for photo goes to @dayana_funes_

I learned so much I feel like I can go on forever and this entry is already going of for a long time so I’ll stop here and add on to this talking about the eyes, cheek and lips, so stay tuned soon for that!

Competion Make up- Lauren Fuller


Today, I got to do make up for a body building competition for the first time! It was so fun, the client was amazingly nice and it was so fun to see one of my co-workers outside of work and getting to see her in her element, doing hair! I don’t really know much about body building (obviously lol), but it was so interesting listening to her talk about dieting, the outfit and everything involved, definitely something i would be interested in learning more and seeing in action. Peoples personal restraint, commitment, and loyalty to their body is amazing to me.

comp 3

Sorry a little blurry but photo’s were stolen from her instagram lol

The make up was also very interesting. Not only did I have to consider matching the foundation to her natural colouring, but also to the colour of her incredibly orange spray tan doing so with out making her looking like an oompa loompa. She also had to have lots of highlight and contour so her amazing featured could be clearly seen from far away, but with out making it looking too masculine and drag queen looking. Even though I was incredibly nervous doing make up on someone for something so important to them I was also super excited to try something new! There are always things looking back and looking at pictures I see and make note for next time but all in all I love what I did especially because my client was so happy with how she look, it just makes my job worth it.

comp 2

What a babe!

Make Up was done by me, Hair was done by Venessa Krishna (instagram: @Venessakrishna) and incredible bod and model, Lauren Fuller (instagram: @laurenfuller)

Make Up used:

  • Prep:
    • Bioderma
    • AmorePacific- Energizing Mist
    • Fab- Ultra Repair Cream
    • Korres- Mattifying Primer
  • Face:
    • Foundation to match neck (various mixed)
    • Bobbie Brown- Stick foundation “Espresso”
    • Nars- Creamy concealer “Custard”
    • Cinema Secrets- doesn’t have a shade number I can see but used to cream highlight
    • Nars- Translucent “Crystal”
    • Anastatia- Contour kit
    • Dior- Diorskin Nude Tan “001”
    • Bobbi Brown- Lips and Cheek Rouge “Calyso”
    • Nars- Blush “Deep Throat”
    • Make Up Forever (MUFE)- Mist & Fix
  • Eyes:
    • Urban Decay- Primer Potion “original”
    • Naked 2 Palette- “Foxy”, “Bootycall” and “Tease”
    • Dior- 5 Colour “734”
    • MUFE- Aqua Cream Liner
    • Stila- Smudge  Stick “Stingray”
    • Esteé Lauder- Mascara “Sumptuous Waterproof”
    • Ardell Lashes- Sorry not sure which ones they were hers
  • Brows:
    • Anastasia- Brow Powder Duo “Medium Brown”
    • Urban Decay- Eyeshadow “Buck”
    • Anastasia- Clear Brow Gel
  • Lips:
    • MUFE- Lip liner in 15C
    • OCC-Lip Tar “Anime”
    • Guerlain- Gloss D’enfer “468”

Hopefully that was everything I used (I’m writing this 16hrs after I did the make up lol)

*edit: she ended up winning 2nd place!*