Client Event Make up

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This first group client post is going to be a big once, since I’m just starting to have this as my main location, to post my entire work instead of sporadically on facebook. In the future, hopefully, client make up’s will be posted in 3 month groupings. I unfortunately can’t remember all the names, or have access to the full names of all the clients, but all make up and pictures were done by me.

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Competion Make up- Lauren Fuller


Today, I got to do make up for a body building competition for the first time! It was so fun, the client was amazingly nice and it was so fun to see one of my co-workers outside of work and getting to see her in her element, doing hair! I don’t really know much about body building (obviously lol), but it was so interesting listening to her talk about dieting, the outfit and everything involved, definitely something i would be interested in learning more and seeing in action. Peoples personal restraint, commitment, and loyalty to their body is amazing to me.

comp 3

Sorry a little blurry but photo’s were stolen from her instagram lol

The make up was also very interesting. Not only did I have to consider matching the foundation to her natural colouring, but also to the colour of her incredibly orange spray tan doing so with out making her looking like an oompa loompa. She also had to have lots of highlight and contour so her amazing featured could be clearly seen from far away, but with out making it looking too masculine and drag queen looking. Even though I was incredibly nervous doing make up on someone for something so important to them I was also super excited to try something new! There are always things looking back and looking at pictures I see and make note for next time but all in all I love what I did especially because my client was so happy with how she look, it just makes my job worth it.

comp 2

What a babe!

Make Up was done by me, Hair was done by Venessa Krishna (instagram: @Venessakrishna) and incredible bod and model, Lauren Fuller (instagram: @laurenfuller)

Make Up used:

  • Prep:
    • Bioderma
    • AmorePacific- Energizing Mist
    • Fab- Ultra Repair Cream
    • Korres- Mattifying Primer
  • Face:
    • Foundation to match neck (various mixed)
    • Bobbie Brown- Stick foundation “Espresso”
    • Nars- Creamy concealer “Custard”
    • Cinema Secrets- doesn’t have a shade number I can see but used to cream highlight
    • Nars- Translucent “Crystal”
    • Anastatia- Contour kit
    • Dior- Diorskin Nude Tan “001”
    • Bobbi Brown- Lips and Cheek Rouge “Calyso”
    • Nars- Blush “Deep Throat”
    • Make Up Forever (MUFE)- Mist & Fix
  • Eyes:
    • Urban Decay- Primer Potion “original”
    • Naked 2 Palette- “Foxy”, “Bootycall” and “Tease”
    • Dior- 5 Colour “734”
    • MUFE- Aqua Cream Liner
    • Stila- Smudge  Stick “Stingray”
    • Esteé Lauder- Mascara “Sumptuous Waterproof”
    • Ardell Lashes- Sorry not sure which ones they were hers
  • Brows:
    • Anastasia- Brow Powder Duo “Medium Brown”
    • Urban Decay- Eyeshadow “Buck”
    • Anastasia- Clear Brow Gel
  • Lips:
    • MUFE- Lip liner in 15C
    • OCC-Lip Tar “Anime”
    • Guerlain- Gloss D’enfer “468”

Hopefully that was everything I used (I’m writing this 16hrs after I did the make up lol)

*edit: she ended up winning 2nd place!*