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Moving, cutting my hair, and failing at all things social media

Oh, would you look at that, I had another mini hiatus… I feel like I’m better at saying I’m a blogger/youtuber then I am actually being one lol. Now, I sort of have an excuse for being away for so long, I MOVED! I still live in Greater Vancouver, but just in a different area. I also got a roommate, which has been so much fun, and weird getting used to again, but I’m happier. It’s much nicer coming home to someone then an empty apartment!

Here’s a quick clip of my place when I first got there, and was still moving and arranging everything.

So, it’s definitely been a transition, getting used to the roomie, and trying to figure out where everything goes, but it’s also been so fun. I’ve also been quite preoccupied with having my dad move to Vancouver, and help him get settled. It’s so nice to have family closer. I never noticed how much I missed my family until I realized how much happier and relieved was to have him in town. I still miss my momma and the rest of my family but what can you do when your trying to chase you dreams.

11057267_10152841465660882_7729736277280287191_n (1)In other exciting news, I cut my hair! This is the shortest I’ve had my hair since I was probably in middle school, or just entering high school. It feels so light, and healthy, and thick! I’m still playing around with ideas for dying it, maybe a balayage caramel, or grey at the ends, or maybe like a deep purple, I don’t know yet, but would love some feedback and ideas! For now though, I’m going to enjoy it being short and healthy. I’m so obsessed and happy with the length, I might even keep it like this for a while, and not grow it out. It’s easier to style, has a thicker feeling, and doesn’t get caught in things.

The only thing that I’m struggling with is that it’s so healthy all my hair care products were all meant for damaged hair that now my hair get’s shiney (and not in the good way) so fast!

So, those are the main things that are new with me, sorry for the long break… I’m going to try, like usual, to make my post more frequent, so fingers crossed, talk to you soon!

Where have I been?

I feel like a lot, and yet, nothing at all has happened in the almost two months since I last posted on here. It’s been a struggle to get myself organized, and to survive on my own in Vancouver. So, sorry for being MIA, but I hope to come back, and get back on track! Again I feel like there is so much to tell you but I feel like I’m at a lost for words. I guess I will start with a bit of an update on my life!

I have been in a limbo for the last little bit, where I feel like time is being lost. Work hasn’t been giving me as many hours as I would want, but I’m too stressed that I do absolutely nothing. It’s hard to get out from under the weight that stress can have, but I just finally looked around and realized that I can’t be wasting my life like this! So I booked a flight home for my momma’s 50th and set up two photoshoots to try and get them published.


Recently I’ve been inspired by Elle (youtube channel allthatglitters21), Kristina (youtube channel Prettyshinysparkley) and friends to get organized, in particular, get a day planner. My mom always had a day planner, and I always thought it was such a grown up thing to do, until I realized more and more how important they really are. There’s just too many things going on! I haven’t gotten a planner yet, but I have had lots of fun watching/visiting hundreds of videos and sites about organizers and how to decorate them. The one I’ve been most interested in is the Erin Condren life planners. I’ve never bought a planner before, but I would love to hear everyone’s feedback! What are the best sticker stores, is the Erin Condren Planner worth it, is the filofax better, and how do you guys keep yourself organized?!

What to Blog about?

Thinking of what to blog about is probably the hardest part of blogging. Honestly, I don’t know what people will think is interesting. Should I keep it strictly beauty with some fitness thrown in there, or make it more personal. Do people enjoy hearing about boy problems and the struggles it is to be a young adult? If I do start writing more personal things then will my beauty post still be valued? These, are some of many questions I have about my blog, and it’s content. I also face the question, of why I even want to blog.

The reason I decided to start blogging is similar to my reason for wanting to start a youtube channel, I want to create a community that shares and learns together. I am such a nosey nerd, that I am constantly going to masterclasses, brand trainings, asking questions about everything, and I want to have that on a global scale. I am always picking my co-workers brains about make up, what are their must-haves products, least favourite product, favourite work they’ve done ect. ect. It is just fascinating to me. I can’t be the only one that thinks that it’s fascinating, or interesting. Right?

All though I love getting feedback and asking questions, regarding make up, am I really prepared for strangers to try to give me feedback about my dating problems. That I guess is the real question for this post. How intimate should I be on here? I guess that’s for me to decided, but for now I’ll post what I want, and I hope you guys will give some feedback!

Well that’s if for this ramble, until next time 🙂

Balancing Everything: How I’m balancing getting fit!

Life is hard, and honestly, I don’t understand how some people do it, there just isn’t enough time in the day. Currently the things I’m trying to juggle are, work, working out, doing freelance, youtube-ing, blogging, committing time to making friends, trying to date, making all my meals and having a clean apartment, I mean honestly, it’s exhausting! So I’m at the point where I’m having to try a priorities and decided what is worth my energy. Work is the easy one because I don’t really get to choose what hours they give me, I just take what I can, but what about the rest?

When it comes to working out, I found it hard to learn to not take it so seriously, and not to beat myself up when I couldn’t go. When I first got my membership, I was trying to go everyday, and would feel guilty when I missed a day, but realistically it didn’t fit into my life to go that often. So, what I had to do is first accept that it was okay to take a day off, the second was to decide what I thought was an acceptable amount that I could still hold myself accountable for. For me I decided 3-4 times a week was a good amount. I do still walk 20+ minutes almost everyday to get to work or the gym and am still seeing my trainer once a week (but I only have one more session!!).

The other half of my struggle with getting fit is figuring out how to eat healthy. A couple of things that are helping me are:

1. Get the right tools


3. Doing research (Pinterest/instagram/youtube are your friend!)

4. Experiment

I’m going to keep this pretty short because I think I’ll try to do a longer post, once I have more experience, and a more solid routine. Three tools that I have found that are really useful for me are my crockpot (I’m still experimenting with it but it’s easy), my 3-in-1 grill, waffle maker, sandwich press (which I’m loving to quickly cook fish and veggies)  and my absolute favourite tool that I’ve been using is my nutribullet! I have been experimenting and making hummus, apple sauce and all types of smoothies! However, no matter how good your tools are, if you don’t prep and plan then it’s useless. I still have long way to go when it comes to being an expert meal prepper, but it makes such a difference. Something that’s has been really helping is researching, and looking on pinterest, instagram, youtube, other social media, and food sites for inspiration. I like to do lots of research to help me figure out what to eat and what to avoid. The last thing that’s has been helping to keep me on track, is just experimenting. Trying new dishes, and buying just random food and trying to figure out how to cook or prepare it.

Well I did a terrible job at keeping that short, but what can you do, please comment below or message me on instagram or twitter and tell me what you find helps to keep you on track? And stay tuned for how I’m juggling everything else!

p.s I’m down 8lbs!

Hot Chocolate, AA and CRICKETS?!?!

Well today was quite an interesting and adventurous day for me. If this morning you asked me if I would be spending the afternoon with an amazing new friend, and eating crickets, I would laugh, but it happened and it was fantastic. I started off my day with a session with my trainer, which was really good and helpful and I’ll be sad when it ends. I was able to ask her some questions that I had been curious about, and am getting better at thinking how to work out, and eat healthier once the sessions are over (p.s I’m down lbs. not too much but it’s exciting regardless!).

After the gym my day just got better. I met up with a guy I found on okcupid, and I don’t even know if I’d consider it a first date rather than meeting a new friend. I haven’t been able to just talk, share, and discuss how I feel, so openly with someone but to also have someone challenge what and how I thought about things. It really was a breath of fresh air.


We started our adventure in a cafe called mink which was interesting and beautiful in its own way. It had delicious drinks, as well as savoury chocolate, and the decor was simple, open and pleasant. Even though the place was busy it didn’t feel busy or stuffy, I would definitely recommend it to any coffee or hot chocolate drinkers in Vancouver. However, the most interesting part was that they also served crickets, that’s right, you heard me, C-R-I-K-E-T-S, and the best part is that they were delicious!! I was so surprised, they made me wanting more. I think I pin pointed it to being very similar to the tail of shrimp when cooked on a bbq. I even considered going back and asking for me, I felt like I could easily take then in a little bag and walk around snacking on them, I would 100% recommend anyone everyone to try them, even just to be able to say you’ve done it!

cricket After we enjoyed our crickets and drinks we explored and walked around coal harbour talking, sauntered as we sondered, something I recommend everyone to do with someone. It’s nice to just take a step back, and think about people around you, and try to imagine what they’re thinking, or what has brought them to where they are. I felt like I was being challenged and had my eyes opened. I wanted to learn, and hear more so when he said he had to go to his AA meeting, I, without thinking asked if I could join, which to some might seem strange but for me it felt natural. I had never been to an AA meeting so it was fascinating for me for so many different reason. Although I have never struggled or had a problem with alcohol, I have known and been close to people who have had trouble with not only alcohol but drugs as well, so it was inspiring for me to hear people trust and talk about their struggles. Sometimes I feel alone with my own struggles, and it helped me think that I’m not alone. Everyone has struggles, and even though they might be different what I feel everyone needs is someone to support and listen to you. It really was inspiring, I don’t know how else to describe it. All I can say is that if you feel like you are struggling with drugs, mental disease, alcohol, cancer, living with someone with mental illness or really anything then reach out and find a support group, just talking and listen to other people’s struggles can be so healing.

Sunday Evening Chilling

Today, or should I say this week, has been exhausting! I have slowly been getting over a bit of a cold, I swearing it’s holding on by its finger tips! However along with being sick my skin has also been hating me! So today I am taking the time to relax and pamper myself a little, I worked a full shift, went to the gym and don’t have to work until three tomorrow, so it’s now time to take a load off… sort off. I’ve never really done one of these, “what I’m doing in my spare time” type of blog so I’d love some feedback.

One thing I want to start off with is that I am a very unorganized, messy forgetful person and today when I was taking to take my this picture of tea, it was incredibly difficult to find an angle where you couldn’t see all the clutter!


Regardless, the reason I was taking a picture of my tea was because, as part of my resolution to slow down and relax, I’ve decided to start drinking tea. Now this might sound a little weird, that I had to make a resolution to essentially drink tea, but tea is so good for you and it really does help me to slow down and de-stress. I have always loved tea and used to drink it often but I became too busy for it all of a sudden. I would make tea and then just leave it on the counter. I can’t count how many litres of tea I have wasted so I figured it would be an easy way to help me be accountable, help my memory, make me slow down and also tea can be very healthy for you so that also addresses ‘get fit’ resolution!

I have also been wanting to explore with food and broadening my palette as well as my cooking repertoire, so I bought an eggplant. I’ve eaten eggplant before but I’ve never cooked it before so I thought I’d give it a go.


So I bought a huge one, just because it didn’t seem that big in the market, so I actually cooked it two different ways. The first thing I did was fry it, and it turned out good. I sliced them, dipped them into egg then coated them in a mixture of coconut flour and spice and fried them in coconut oil.

The second way was more to help cook up some ground chicken that was close to being old. So I just cooked up the chicken and threw in the eggplant and some mushrooms and honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but I have it regardless lol.

Well I feel like that is probably a long enough look into my life so adieu for now!

My 21st Birthday

I just had one of the best birthdays I think I’ve had in a long time which is surprising since I was convince it would be the worse the entire week leaving up. I had been feeling quite in the dumps lately, I don’t know if it was because I was on my period, or because I was going to be away from home and missing my family but i was borderline depressed. I had cried almost every day that week, almost breaking down at work, I was an emotional wreck. I find it extremely hard to make friends and am shy and don’t know how to transfer from work friends to friend friends. I had no idea to plan a birthday party for myself so I did the only thing I could thing of, I turned to Facebook and made a Facebook status asking if anyone was interested in seeing a movie.


It seemed to work a couple of people messaged back and then that gave me the energy to go around and start asking the people I wanted to hang out with if they were free. A lot of people said no which was sad but understandable and my fault since I left it to the last moment. I however was able to convince four amazing people to come out and celebrate with me. Jessica, Nasim, Melissa, Lauren and I spent the evening having supper at The Warehouse and then saw Taken 3! I hadn’t seen Taken 2 but it was still a really interesting movie to watch. There was action, drama and explosions, what else could you ask for? I love just doing simple thing with people, hanging out and talking, and sitting and watching movies are ten times better than getting wasted and not remember the evening!

Some other highlights of my birthday were:

-Skyping my mom and step dad and talking to them

– Going to my first yoga class and having my trainer (who was also running the class) get everyone to sing happy birthday for me

-Binge watching Grey’s Anatomy

-Sleeping in

-Eating Cheese cake

All in all I think it was a good day and I hope my next will be just as nice!

First Blog post of the year on the first day (starting it off right)!

Well I have only 17 minute to write this, and post it, or else I’ll have to change my title. So I don’t really know, or have anything special that I wanted to write about but I felt like I wanted to start my year off right. I have been struggling in many areas of my life, one of them being able to juggle all that I want and need to do. I need to go to work and make money, and clean my house, but what I want to do it make youtube videos, and continue with my blog, and I want to get out there and do new things, I want to explore Vancouver, I’ve lived here for over a year and have done NOTHING!

So i guess this is sort of turning into my new years resolution lol. So here are a couple things I want to work on this year:

– Getting healthy, not only with going to the gym, but also eating healthy, and making sure my body is in top shape, I’m tired of    always hurting!

– I want to continue and dedicate time to my youtube Channel

– I feel like this blog is being neglected and so I want to grow academically

– It’s also time to start networking and do more freelancing and photoshoots!

– I want to explore Vancouver, I need to find like the “Vancouver bucket list” or something cheesey that tourist do and try and  do it ALL!

– I also want to build connections with people and make friends that extend outside of work

Hmm that is all I can think about and I’m running out of time so that it… for now!

I want to hear everyone else’s resolutions, and ideas, on how they are going to succeed this year or even tips on how I can achieve my goals.

*Boo I hit publish just as the clock chimed 12, so close!!*

Bearded men!


Okay I just realized it has been forever since I last posted something so as an apology I though I would share with you something that is very dear to my heart and that’s bearded men!

ruig-fiI’m not as big of a fan of santa bears but nice trimmed beards with a healthy head of hair and to make it even better is if they got a bit of muscles nothing crazy, I mean like come on girls how can you resist! I’m all about the lumberjack hipster look lol!



So yea… that’s what I’ve been doing with my life along with going to the gym almost EVERYDAY and work, so busy lol!

men_hair_fashion_trends_2014_2015_haircuts_guysso pretty lol! and now back to regular different type of girly posts lol