Focus: Mascara Review- Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes, Chanel Inimitable Intense, Covergirl Lash Blast, and Benefit Bad Gal

To go along with my new review series I’m doing, I’m also going to be “featured” or “focus” post. So it might be talking about products from just one brand like Tarte or Nars, or a focus like mascara or foundation. So yea, this one will be all about mascara, I’m going to try and limit them to 3 or 4, so they’re not obnoxiously long!


First up is Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lash. I hadn’t tried this in a long time, so I’ve been retrying it, to just double check what I thought then still applies. So first pro is that it does lengthen and volumizes my lashes, and it doesn’t transfer too much (does a little still). Honestly it wasn’t as bad as I had remembered it, and I think I would recommend it, I won’t personally repurchase it but I can see how some people would like it. I did find it clumped and had chunks almost in it, which is never appreciated, and it had a scent, which I don’t really like in my mascara. Generally it lasted alright, I did find it deflated a little, If you have straighter lashes or problems with keeping a curl I wouldn’t recommend it.


So, this is another mascara I have had for way too long but still feel deserves a review because I loved it, it’s Chanel’s Inimitable Intense! What I look for in a mascara is length, a little bit of volume, and definition and this give me all of that and barely transfers! I don’t think I had anything that I didn’t like about this or at least that I can remember. I don’t think it is amazing for curl but worked fine for my lashes, and I would definitely repurchase and recommend.


So for me this is an old school fave for me. Covergirl Lash blast and Luxe (the purple one) were my favourite drug store mascara all thru high school, and I don’t even know how many times I have repurchased these, but I love them. I usually bought the Lash Blast in brown and the Luxe in black, I don’t know why but I found like each of those formulas just worked better for me. I found it really gave me the length and definition that I look for and it was good for not transferring on me. Also no scent really which is always appreciated. Definitely would/have repurchased and do recommend!


Benefits BADgal Lash is probably one of the more volumizing mascara’s that I’ve tried out, and it was okay. It does still give some definition, and length, but it’s main thing was volume. I remember that I did like this mascara and do often recommend it to clients, I haven’t repurchased it and don’t think I will, not that it’s bad, or anything, but just wasn’t wow, does that make sense? I would buy covergirl over it if that helps. Yea, so it was meh, if you are looking for higher end and just want a general mascara with a little bit of volume then this one is great but if you care a little bit more or don’t care if it’s high end then try something else!

Here’s a video where I show and talk about some of these products!


Review: Tarte CC Eye Primer, Lancôme Artliner,and Nars Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner

I’ve decided to start an ongoing inventory of products I’ve used, with mini reviews of each of them. Not all of them will be new products or fun releases but it will be my personal opinion of products that are still on the shelves when I write the review. Each post will have a couple products in them, but they will all focus on one area of the face. This is not only for you guys but also I think I fun way to help me organize all the products I’ve tried!


So I had this in my make up drawer for months now, this is Tarte’s CC Eye Primer, and have finally decided to try it out for the last month. I’m torn on how I feel about this product. On the one hand, the colour is really nice and does help to even the lid, and I even use it under my eyes to help with the little bit of darkness there. It’s super creamy and glides on easily and blends beautifully. However, the down sides are that it’s too creamy, it never fully sets so it causes the same problem putting concealers on your lids does, it creases. Half way thru the day I find the shadow starts to get a little muddy and the crease line starts appearing. So I will continue to use and enjoy the product, but wouldn’t trust it on a make up I want to be perfect all day, and will not repurchase.


Second up is Lancôme’s Artliner. Now to start off, I am not a fan of liquid dip type liners, so my opinion might be a little bias, but I am trying to be open-minded. Okay lets start with my pro’s, I found that it dried fast, wasn’t too difficult to get a nice wing, was generally pretty thin and not too much product was on the brush when dipping it. Okay, and now for my issues with the liner. Well first off you have to keep dipping it to get more product, but it’s not just that you have to dip it but that you also have to screw it on and shake it sometimes to get more product. I also find the pigmentation a little patchy and watery. When applying I also find I have to go over the same place a couple times to get a really nice opaque look and even then its not ideal. I does last quite a while, but regardless I will not be repurchasing.


Okay, well, I have been a negative Nancy so far, so here is a product that I love, and will definitely be repurchasing! This is Nars’s Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner. Although I find that my eyes water, and transfer a lot I don’t find it transfer or smudge even though this isn’t a waterproof formula. It isn’t too creamy but can smudge, and it’s not so hard that it tugs at the eye, it glides quite nicely. I wouldn’t consider it a heavy duty long last, swim in the ocean, and come out looking fab type of liner but it’s great for everyday use. It also comes off easily but last the entire day. All in all a very nice everyday liner!