Sephora Clean Machine Konjac Sponge Duo’s

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I haven’t been, so excited to try something new for skin care in… I don’t know how long. The reason why I’m so excited, is because, this is actually a Sephora Brand version for the Boscia’s Kojac sponge. I go my first Kojac sponge back when I first started working at Sephora, so probably a year ago. It took me a while to try actually use it after first getting it, but after trying it I was addicted. It was the saddest day of my life when I accidentally dropped my sponge under the tub. It was a claw foot tub in an old house built by a schizophrenic man, so the ground was done weird and hard to properly clean, regardless, there was no amount of cleaning that could have been done, to make me want to put that back on my face. The sponge was so amazing, I used it with Philosophy Purity face wash to take off my make up and then used my Clarisonic. It just felt so nice and gently removed everything. I also loved using it when taking of face masks, it just made the process so much easier, quicker and cleaner.

Now that I’ve gushed and told the sad story of my last Kojac sponge let me introduce my new ones!

2014-10-28 22_Fotor

These are the Sephora Brand version of the sponges

There are two different packages that you can choose from, so there is the polish me: Charcoal and Lycopene duo (which I got) and the Keep calm: Green Tea and Lavender duo. Now I haven’t tried it out yet but I figured for the price it would be crazy not to at least see if it’s as good as the Boscia one. The Boscia single sponge is $19 and the Sephora 2-pack sponges are $19, so it’s pretty much a 2-for-1 deal! So I haven’t tried it yet but I figured I’d do a little bit of a before first Impression blurb before doing a full on review.

So, so far it feels and seems very simular to the Boscia one, it starts off as a dry hard sponge with a string looped into it?

                                            2014-10-28 22_Fotor9      2014-10-28 22_Fotork

So what you do it just run it under water for 30sec-1min until it becomes soft. I like to apply my cleaners right to my sponge, but you can apply on the face first if you prefer, and then using circular motions around the face to clean it. I also liked to use it to wash off my cleanser! When ready I rinse all the soap out of the sponge, so there’s just water left, then squeeze it onto my face, getting all the cleanser off! Once done, all you have to do it squeeze out as much extra water that you can, then just hang to dry!2014-10-29 00_Fotor

So that’s a little introduction to the product and so I’m going to try them out for a little bit and I’ll up date you guys on what I think, is it better, worse or about the same!